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Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

Special moments with meaning that lasts a lifetime

Are you naming your child?

Or are you a newly blended family wanting to commit as parents to your stepchildren with a bonding welcome ceremony?


Perhaps you have adopted a child and you want to welcome your new family member with a special ceremony. 

Or maybe you are choosing to give yourself a new name - one that reflects who you know yourself to be?

Whatever your reason for choosing a naming or welcome want it to be a uniquely personal and joyfully memorable day.

Read more to find out how together we can create that.

'Happiness is holding someone in your arms and knowing you hold the whole world.' 
Orhan Pamuk

Planning your naming ceremony
We start with an initial chat on the phone to discuss the general details of where and when you plan to hold the ceremony, I will pencil in the date and hold it for you until it is confirmed. You can ask me anything you want to know about how I work and what the ceremony could involve. 

When you have booked the venue and decided on the date I will visit you for a longer conversation. This will be a leisurely chat where we get to know each other. I'll get all the details of what you want to include in the ceremony and make sure you are happy with the content.

Here are some things to consider about what you might like to include...
  • Do you want poems or readings and if so who is going to read and deliver those? You might want to do it yourself or have a friend or other family member do it. Or you can always choose for me to do this. I can also help you find and choose the readings that feel perfect to you - if you don't already have some in mind
  • What music do you want? I can help you with music ideas too if you need that
  • What vows are you going to make to your child or children? Do you want my help with writing these?
  • Who are your Supporting Adults (also known as Godparents)? What vows are they making and do you want me to help write their vows?
  • Do you want symbolic actions? There are a wide variety of options here, but for example, you could have a Sand Ceremony, a Unity Candle or depending on where you are having the ceremony you could plant a tree. Ask me for more details about all of these and other options too.​
After the first meeting
I will then write a draft script for you to review. You can make any changes to it that you wish. I want your ceremony to be the perfect celebration of your family so I am happy to take as much time as we need to get that right. You can email me or call me to discuss any changes or additions.
Before the ceremony, I will confirm the final script with you and check that everything is in place to create the perfect day. 
On the day
I will arrive early to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I will deliver the ceremony that truly gives you the feeling it is a special moment with memories to last a lifetime.
After the Ceremony
I will send you a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony as a memento of the day.
My charge for the whole service including - planning meeting, creation of the ceremony and delivery on the day, plus the presentation script is £190. This includes travel up to a 40-mile radius from my home near Ilkley. Beyond this I charge for travel expenses at the recommended rate of 45p per mile. 
If you choose to have symbolic actions and want me to purchase the props, I would make an additional charge for these.

Call me on...
01943 872498
0752 848 1228

Or email me at...

I would love to talk to you about 
how I can help you have a wonderful ceremony.

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