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Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies, & Renewal of Vows


What's your dream ceremony?

As an independent celebrant, I can help you create the ceremony that lights you up, with complete freedom to choose the venue and content that is perfect for you.

You might be saying your vows for the first time or renewing them. 
You may want an intimate ceremony with a few friends and family or a gloriously large event where you share the love on a grand scale. Whether you choose a bijou restaurant, a spacious hotel, a woodland glade, your own garden, or somewhere totally unique, I will be there to make your day very special.

The first steps...
First of all call me for a chat, to help you see if I am the right celebrant for you and get all your initial questions answered.

From there I will send you a questionnaire that will help you tell the story of how you met, what you love about each other, and highlights of your relationship. This is a lovely way to start the process of planning your ceremony. It is fun, meaningful and inspiring, and it gives me a clear sense of what you want me to weave into the ceremony.

Then when you have your venue and dates booked I will come and see you for a detailed conversation about what you want to include in your ceremony. In this meeting, we will expand on what you have shared with me in the questionnaire. I will also help you make choices about the content that you want in your ceremony, including the music, any readings and poems and any special symbolic touches which have particular meaning for you such as a unity candle or handfasting. 

I will bring together the information from your questionnaire and our meeting to create a totally personalised ceremony that will reflect back your love for each other in ways that make your hearts sing. I will send you a draft script for you to review and make any changes to. It's your day and I want to make sure it is perfect for you can make any revisions, changes or additions that you want. 

We will have a rehearsal before the big day to make sure that everything is just right. I've got two packages for the ceremonies and our rehearsal with either be on Zoom or in person at the venue, depending on which package you choose. 

On the day...
I will arrive early so you know that I am there to make sure everything runs smoothly. With my calm and reassuring approach - if you have any pre-event nerves I'll help you through that.

Then it is time for your ceremony...! And it will be my pleasure and delight to deliver the ceremony that is the most wonderful and special moment in your lives. 

I will send you a beautifully presented script for you to keep as a memento of the day.

This was just an overview - to give you an idea of what I do as your celebrant. But I want to emphasise that everything is bespoke, personal and unique to you...and you can have anything you want in your ceremony.

So let's create your dream ceremony...!

You might be planning a Wedding Ceremony or a Commitment Ceremony. Or perhaps you are renewing your vows. You might want to combine a Wedding Ceremony with a Naming Ceremony or make special vows to your children. It might be that you are blending two families and want to celebrate that in your ceremony. You really can do whatever you wish in your totally unique, personalised ceremony.
I've got two price packages
Package One
  • Confirmed booking for your ceremony date. I only take one ceremony per day

  • Relaxed, fun questionnaire for you to share your love story for me to weave into your ceremony

  • Meeting where we expand on the questionnaire and I get all the details for your ceremony

  • Help with choosing content e.g. poems and music

  • Help with writing your vows - if you need this

  • Ideas to add special moments to your ceremony such as handfasting, a candle ritual, or something totally original and unique to you

  • I devote hours to creating your perfect ceremony

  • A draft script for you to read through and make any changes you want

  • You can email or call me as much as you wish

  • Unlimited advice and support

  • Meeting on Zoom to review the ceremony script and make any final changes

  • Ceremony rehearsal on Zoom

  • Delivery of your ceremony on your special day

  • Beautiful presentation script of the day

  • Travel included up to 40-mile radius from my home near Ilkley*

All for £435
This package is perfect for renewal of vows
and committment ceremonies as well as wedding ceremonies
Package Two

Everything in Package One Plus...​


  • Additional meeting on Zoom to review the  ceremony and make sure it's perfect for you 

  • In-person rehearsal at the venue at a date to suit you and when the venue is available

  • 1 coaching session for anyone giving a reading at the ceremony for guidance on delivery

  • 2 x 60-minute sessions of 'Calm and Confident' Coaching to soothe any pre-event nerves

Everything in Package 1 plus all the above for £645
This package is perfect for larger-scale wedding ceremonies where you want additional support to make the day divine

*Just so you know that there are no hidden costs - here is some information about some things that are not included in the packages.

  • If your home or venue is outside the 40-mile radius travelling distance, I will charge for travel expenses at the recommended rate of 45p per mile

  • You might choose to have symbolic actions that require items such as candles or other props. You can of course purchase these yourself. However, if you would like me to source and purchase these I will pass this on to you as an additional cost to the above packages.

Couples Packages
A note about what a celebrant is legally allowed to do. We are allowed to do everything to make your wedding celebration glorious...apart from...legally marry you. You can do this with a quick and simple process with your local registrar before your wedding celebration.

If you want to know more about this - I am happy to give you more details when we meet. 
'When I saw you I fell in love,
and you smiled
because you knew.'
Arrigo Boito
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